My typical day of using technology goes something like this.  I wake up in the morning using my cell phone as an alarm.  After I shower and change I go to 7-11 to get my coffee and banana for breakfast and I pay using my credit card.  I then drive my car to Roanoke using my GPS system.  When I get into Roanoke (Cave Springs HS) I then go onto my computer whenever I have free time to check the news and do home work.  A lesson that I am planning for a class is going to be a webquest, an online tool to engage your students.  After school, I drive home in my car while using my GPS.  I go to Hokie Grill for dinner and take it back to my place to watch TV.  I then check scholar before I go to bed and set my alarm for the morning.  I believe that I couldn’t live without it.  I wouldn’t be able to wake up, pay for items, entertain myself, and navigate myself without it.  Socially, I used facebook and my cell phone to interact with my friends.  If I need to talk to a friend about something personal or serious I will call them.  If not I will text them or facebook them.  In school I use scholar to check my class grades and assignments.  I use hokiespa to pick out my classes and to make sure my payments, transcripts, and all other important information is correct.  If I need to look up an email for a teacher I will use vt.edu.  Basically technology plays a crucial role in my life in every matter.  I think of it as a “non” thing because I use it a lot and as do my peers.


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