When I googled my name, Paul Grinups, the first five things that pop up are wrestling links, a Mylife from Centreville site, a sigma chi link, a white pages article, an site about my dad, and two more wrestling links.  When you VTsearch me, the people search has me as a grad student (awesome) and when you VT web search me 2011 Spring graduates pop up.  On facebook, if you search me and you are not my friend, you will see a picture of me and my nanny, where a graduate from, my friends, my gender, and what I like.  Some examples of what I liked are The D.E.N.N.I.S system, USA wrestling, Ocean Alantic Rentals, Saki House, and Bud Foster.

If I didn’t know who I was and just looked at my digital footprint, I would think that I was a wreslter who graduated from VT, likes off color humor, OBX, sushi, and VT football.  I seem to others that I am mature, responsible, and can work with kids.  I seem really responsible and professional.

On a side note-I made my facebook page extremely private on purpose.  I knew what I was going to see on it, as a non friend, before I checked.  I know companies can find a way to hack on to your page viewing as a friend, so I hid all my pics from them as well.  When I am interviewing for a job I will delete my facebook until I have a job.

I really liked the footprint I found.  Since I want to coach the wrestling articles will help me get a job.  My facebook doesn’t show me drinking or doing anything dumb so I look mature and responsible.  My VTsearch shows me as a graduate student and me graduating last spring so that is great!  Overall I think my digital footprint will help me in the future and not hurt me (hopefully).


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