In middle and high school technology use in the classroom was highly used for that time period, but compared to today’s use it is dismal.  The basic use of technology in my era is secondary school was to take attendance, put in grades, the use of blackboard, and using powerpoint or word to lecture.  Teachers could also use it for movies, music, videos, media clips, and internet websites to enhance our learning.  My 10th grade history teacher was pretty tech savvy in her day.  She had amazing powerpoints, was one of the first to use youtube, used movieclips and music, and had the most up to date blackboard site to enhance our learning.  By doing that she helped us learn better and became a better a teacher.  I think if a teacher uses technology correctly in his/her class that skill will make them a better teacher.  If you have an above average teacher technology will make her a great teacher.  As a student of the past, I learned that you have to be up to date with technology.  That is so you can relate to your students, have an advantage over your peers, and can use different ways to make your kids interested in your subject.


2 thoughts on “#second?

    • My pic for my tagxedo is a footprint. I used a footprint for two reasons. First the use of tech in everyone of my classes in secondary school was different with every teacher so I used a footprint because everyone’s footprint is different. The second reason is because footprint leaves imprints when you walk in the sand. Everyone of my teachers use of tech affected my learning style and my future teaching style. I’ll remember certain things a liked about their use of tech and what I didn’t like. If I didn’t like it then the ocean can wash the footprint away from my teaching.

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