#blog1-Tech Tools

In this blog post I will be discussing the technology tools that my teacher uses in his daily class.  At the beginning of each class his students look at a huge map in the back of his class room to find a person.  The technology tool being used is the huge map.  When my teacher takes attendance he records it on a piece of paper and transfers that information to a site that the school uses to keep track of all the students.  When my teacher grades homework, he once again puts the information in his personal paper based grade book, but also loads up the score onto blackboard.  On a side note-every student knows their full grade on blackboard.  It is always updated, students AND parents can see how they are doing in the class.  This enhances communication about grades and lessens any issues about grade discrepancies.  My teacher uses PowerPoint to teach the class and it is projected by the same machine that we have in War Memorial (sorry I do not know the name of the item).  Lastly-and I think the most cool-the students take test online on blackboard.  It is designed just like our online tests and students can see their grade on it once they submitted it.  Parents can also see the grade ASAP.  All the tools my teacher uses helps him organize his class better, helps him communicate with parents on certain issues, and helps him manage his class so he can maximizes his teaching and his students learning.


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