My image is symbolizing my first day in the student internship.  It reflects all the feelings and emotions that were running through my head during my first day.

My first day at my student internship was a successful one.  I really enjoyed working with my co op teacher, meeting my students, and meeting other faculty members.  The school is in Roanoke and it was a 45 minute drive to get there.  My teacher told me to get there at 7:50 am, but since I was nervous on my first day about traffic I got there at 7:20 am (there was no traffic).

I really like my co op teacher.  He is really easy going, insightful, and is willing to help me with anything I need.  It seems that his students like him as well due to his past students stopping in the say hi and he has past students as his TA.  During class he has a relax attitude but his students know that they are going to do work.  He is also the head baseball coach at the high school and I am interested to see how he balances work, baseball, and family into his schedule.

The school looks somewhat newish on the inside and it is smaller than my high school.  It seems that the majority of the students are middle class and there are hardly any minorities in the school.  The teachers seem happy to work there and the students seem somewhat interested in school.  I think the school has a good community following.

I can also hear students talking between classes and during class my teacher lets the students talk when he lectures but he makes sure it is not a distraction.  I really like how he does it, but it the students respects him so that why it works.

I really didn’t have a distinct smell for the day, which is a good thing.  That means the kids are showering and the school doesn’t have mold (a bad joke).

I really didn’t have a certain taste either.  Metaphorically, I left the school day with a good taste in my mouth in regards of how the day went.  I was ready to come back the next day and I liked my teacher and students.

When I started the day I had a mix feeling of nervousness and excitement.  When I met my teacher and my students the feelings started to settle down.  During the day, I felt great introducing myself to the students and having conversations with my teacher on a range of topics.  I also felt great when I walked around the class and asked them about the assignment they were doing in class.  When I left at the end of school I felt great because the first day went well and I knew I still wanted to be a teacher.

The day went somewhat as I expected.  I knew since it was my first day I wasn’t going to do a lot, but I’m glad a got to introduced myself to the students and try to start to form a bond with them.  I didn’t know what the school was going to look like and the type of kids I was going to have (what grade, AP, honors, etc.).  So when I realized the school was nice and the kids were regular and pre-AP ninth graders that filled the void.  Overall, everything that I imagined in the big picture came true, but all the little details about my teacher, my students, and my class settled in.



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