The school that I am student interning at is outside Roanoke and is located in the suburbs.  According to Wikipedia the demographics are around 80 percent white, 7 percent Asian, 6 percent black, and 5 percent Hispanic.  There are around one thousand kids that go to the school.  It seems that they have good school spirit and have a strong following in extracurricular activities.  In 2009 there were named the number one school in Roanoke Valley.  Basically the school excels in many areas and it seems to be one of the better ones in the Roanoke area.  The teachers there seem like they enjoy their jobs and they stay there for a while.  They have just gotten a new administration so it will be interesting to see how they mold old tradition with new.  The students in the school can take regular classes, honor classes, AP classes, and dual enrollment classes.  So far my student interaction has been some what minimal.  I interact with my students when I have done powerpoint lessons and made a Webquest.  Also, I walk around when they are doing classwork.  They are all 9th graders so it is crazy to realize how young they are.  The students are so concerned with their social life compared to the school work.  So far, the students have been respectful to me when I teach or ask questions.  I think that is because my teacher has great classroom management and they are scared to make him mad.  The teachers in the school seem to replicate the same demographics as their students.  The community of this school seems to be supportive of the students, teachers, activities, and funds.  This high school seems to be mostly middle class so that will generally mean they will volunteer for the school and donate money towards it as well.  Compare to other schools, this community is strong.  They are concerned about what goes on there whereas other parents at lower class or poorer school do not.  Basically, this school is lucky to be in the location they are at and are lucky to have the parents they do.  I know sometimes having a community that care about the school can be a hassle, but overall it helps the school more then it hurts it.  I am interested to learn more about this in the coming months.


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