Fair use means that information via web can be used in the classroom without any punishment. This could be one of the most important “laws” dealing with education. Being able to look at any youtube video, science webpage, religion webquest etc. will helping the learning process of the students while helping the teacher with the lesson plan.

Some key issues dealing in the digital age is being able to use the information on the internet for free and with any access. Also privacy is going to be a big issue in the future (facebook and google searches). Students need to understand that as well. They can’t use the internet inappropriately or in the future it might affect getting a job. Emerging issues is the facebook/google search and long standing issues have to be the fair use of information on the internet. To sum it up the biggest issue in the digital age is using the internet properly and not getting yourself into trouble.

Here are some websites to teach digital ethics:







All the above will give you information on digital ethics and other vocab, terms, issues, and policies dealing with it.

To help out my students, I would have a lesson or two to help them understand that the internet is not as “safe” as they think. You can get in trouble if you use it incorrectly. I would try to find videos and news articles dealing with people getting in trouble over it. The more that we teach them “manners” on the internet the better digital students they will be.


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