My School “Green HS” is a suburban high school in Roanoke.  It is majority white and most of the kids seem to come from a good family with means.  The community there is involved with the school and support the school.  Being a student at my school is an adventure.  The student that I followed is a freshman so every day is an exciting journey for him.  That is because he is still meeting new friends, still understanding what high school is in reality, and trying to survive in school.  The school is not a bad or troubled school but being a young freshman is tough.   The picture I chose for the blog says welcome freshman because it is a major theme in this post.  The picture is located below.

The student I chose for my “follow a student blog” is “Andrew B.” (not his real name).  He is in my 1st period.  I picked Andrew for this assignment because I wanted to see what he was like outside my class.  In my class he is a quiet but seems interested in learning.  I wanted to see if he was like that in all his other class or if he just acts like this solely in my class.  Andrew is different than me because when I was in school I wasn’t quiet but more outspoken and loud.  I wanted to see the difference between him and me in the school day.

Andrew has my class (world geography) first period, then study hall, followed by Fitness and Nutrition, and lastly Algebra.  He is a 9th grader so he is transitioning into high school still.  In my class, as a noted above, he is quiet but interested in the subject.  If you call on him he will answer your question, but he isn’t the kid who will raise his hand on his own.  I think he is an A-B student so he seems somewhat smart.  I followed him to study hall, which takes place in the cafeteria.  There is about 20-30 students there and 4-5 teacher monitoring.  Some students sit with others, but most sit alone.  Andrew sat alone.  The whole time I was there he was on his laptop doing work  (or fooling around on the internet).  He didn’t cause any problems.  The whole time I was there all the kids were doing their work and no one caused any ruckus.  In study hall I found out that Andrew acted like all the other kids and kept his same personality.

After study hall he went into Fitness and Nutrition.  He seemed to have friends in this class because he was somewhat chatty in the beginning.  For most of the class they took a test, so I was disappointed I couldn’t watch him interact with others that day.  Andrew took the test quietly and in a timely manner.  I asked his teacher about him and she said he is nice but is a little quiet.  Her rational for that is because he was new to the class.  In my point of view it seems like he knew his fellow students in the class and maybe was nervous about the teacher.  Once again, Andrew was a great student in the class and kept the same personality traits.

The last class was Algebra.  I realized how boring math is by sitting through an hour and thirty minute classJ.  This class was a little more rowdy then the others and some kids were trouble makers.  Andrew was more active and chatty due to the class management, but still he was one of the better kids.  He was quiet when the teacher was talking, did his math problem when he was asked, and wasn’t walking around the class being a distraction as other kids were.  Once again Andrew was a good kid.

Overall Andrew kept the same traits throughout the day.  In every class he was a good kid but a little shy.  I think it is because is a small fish in a big pond per say.  Being a freshman is intimidating due to new teachers, classes, and friends.  Andrew plays sports for the school so I think that is most important to him during the day.  He is always rocking school colors and sport team attire.  I didn’t see him get upset during the day but I can imagine a bad grade would upset him because he will get in trouble on his sports team and at home.  Most of the student’s behavior seems similar.  Overall they are good kids but if you give them space to be bad kids they will.  The algebra class showed that.  The kids used pretty good language.  A few said minor curse words in the hall but never in class.  A lot of the kids use gay slurs though.  I think the kids in this generation are not making fun of homosexuals when they are using it, but instead changed the definition of certain slurs to mean “weak” or “not cool”.  Right, wrong, or indifferent it is what I noticed and observed.

In my posted above I wanted to use a chronology of the day because that is the only way I could format it.  The key elements I found out during the day from observing Andrew and his classmates were the following.

-Kids are overall good if you manage them well.  If you have good classroom management you will be a good teacher.  I know it is harder said than done though.

-BUT if you give them the opportunity to be bad they will

-Kids like structure and routine.  The best classes I observed the kids knew that was going to happen next in a sense.  For example, in my class the kids know to “Find Waldo” on a map to start class.  In study hall they knew they were supposed to be doing homework.  And in Fitness they were supposed log on to a website to take a test.  In my opinion, kids perform best this way.

-Kids acted the same majority of the time.  I saw other students of mine in Andrew’s classes and they acted the same.  Of course some kids performed better and were interesting in other subject, but they kept the same personality traits throughout the day.  The social queen was the social queen and the dork is the dork.  I learned that you cannot change a kid’s personality that much.

-Class management will make or break your class.  If you keep your kids busy and somewhat interesting you will be fine.

Andrew is meeting new students just like all the ninth graders, but he seems to have friends and fits in well.  Playing in sports helps out with that.  He seems liked and is not an outsider.  Every teacher seemed to like him and my co-op teacher wanted me to follow him because he was a good kid.  If every class had twenty Andrews, then it would be an exciting class to teach because every kid there would want to learn.  Andrew is shy, but I think he is just in awe of high school and getting used to the routine.  Andrew doesn’t have a sense of entitlement, but he wants to learn and respects adults and his other students.


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