In my class the technology that we are using are pretty simple.  Each kid has their own laptop, which they use for homework and to take test.  The teacher uses PowerPoint, the overhead, and smart board to teach lessons.  My teacher has also shown VHS, DVDs, and you tube videos as well.  And that basically is it.  My teacher seems old school in his methods, but is still successful in engaging his class.  It is pretty easy for my class to access this because our class has WiFi and the projector (which is use for videos and power points) is in the center of the class.  On the side note the WiFi didn’t start working this year until about two weeks ago.  The school has a computer depot to fix any laptop problems.


My teacher uses enough technology to meet the standard of learning but I would try to incorporate more technology if I could.  I think my teacher does a great job engaging his students though, so I don’t want to take anything from his teaching style.  But since I am from a newer generation I would try different ways to use technology.  I would try to incorporate new ways to use the smart board to help my students.  To be honest I don’t know how to yet, but I would ask my fellow colleagues ways and also use goggle to find new innovate ways.  I use also use music more often and videos to engage learning.  I am a big fan of the discovery channel and history channel to engage my students.  I really like to use power points to engage my students, but I would try to make them more interactive for my students by making my students be more involved during the lesson.


In the future I really don’t know the limits of technology.  But I can imagine it will be endless.  It would be cool if you could use technology to see historical figures, events, and landscapes to engage students.  The goal for technology in the future should make the students understand history by making them experience it.  Hopefully it will be able to do that in the future.  The more that technology can engage students, the more students will learn.


The picture below is how technology can help students-endless.  The picture is showing a child looking towards to the horizon with different technology around him.  It is symbolizing how the power of technology is endless in terms of helping students learn in education.


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