#Metaphor Part 2

Metaphor Part 2

Paul Grinups

My metaphor for part one of this assignment was-Teaching is a long and winding road.  When I wrote this idea down for the first assignment I thought it was a great idea.  I used it because I liked how it showed teaching as an unplanned journey with unexpected turns and unintentional adventures along the way.  My experience as a student intern reinforced this idea.  Every day that I was at my placement, the experience brought feelings of joy, excitement, and nervousness.  But I liked having those feelings because I couldn’t predict how my day would be.  Every day I didn’t know how my lesson was going to be received by my students, what moods they would be in, if anything “crazy” was going to happen during one of my lessons, and would they be “good” or “bad” today?  A big reason why I want to be a teacher is because of the fact that every day is new and exciting.  You can never know how your students are going to react and everyday you will come home with one hilarious story about your day, a happy “why I became a teacher” story, and one story that made question why you became I teacher.  But that is the winding road of teaching-you never know what you are going to get.  My only concern about my metaphor is that I do not like how it says “long”.  I think that sounds negative.  My new metaphor is-Teaching is a box of chocolates.  I like that better because it is focusing more on the spontaneous aspects of teaching (you never know what type of chocolate you are going to get), which is what I like the most about the profession.  I can’t wait for my student teacher placement to see if this metaphor will still work with me.      


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