#DH Blog 5

Digital humanities have opened my eyes to another realm of possibilities to engage my students in social studies.  This class has showed me numerous tools, techniques, and ideas to attempt to teach my students in a unique way.  After taking this class I have no excuse to rely on the textbook and boringly lecture to my students.  My hope is that I will use these new skills and tools that I have learned to make my class more engaging, exciting, and fun.  My number one goal is to use these tools to make my students learn and like social studies.

Digital pedagogue is the process of teaching others via multiple media outlets, such as certain web 2.0 tools, film, video, music, etc.  It is going outside the box to try to show your students a different angle or perspective on social studies.  It is hard to define what digital pedagogue “looks like”, but I would guess it would be classroom instruction geared to active learning.  In my classroom I plan on using it in the following scenarios:

  1.  After taking notes on a topic I will make a web quest for my students to dive in deeper into certain areas
  2. I will use spicynodes to break down a complex topic or subject so my students will understand the smaller pieces of it
  3. After talking about certain cities, I will use google earth or historypin to open my student’s eyes about what these places actually looks like

The common theme above is to engage my students in active learning.  Instead of simply doing worksheets about a topic, I can find other stimulating ways for my students to learn.  The overall goal of digital pedagogue is similar to non-digital pedagogue, for the students to get a deeper understanding of social studies as not just as “facts”.  That is the key of this area, to make students understand why facts connect and why it happened.  Digital pedagogue may be able to bridge that gap of misunderstanding.

As I stated in my paper above, I believe that digital based teaching is important for students to learn and to become better citizens.  The next generation of students is going to be more “tech savy” then us (teachers) so we have to cater to that.  I believe whole heartily that teachers have to change their teaching style and methods to get these students to learn and understand their subject matter.  This is why this class was so important for my teaching career.  Digital humanities showed me ways I can teach to this future generation and helped me understand how these tools work.

When I start teaching I can easily see myself actively seeking out tools to support learning.  I believe that these tools are important for learning and engaging my students.  I personally am not a “technology guy”, but I understand that I have to find ways to improve myself in that area.  I need to be on the same playing field as my students in technology so it is important to me.  Once again, you have to be stupid to think teaching to the next generation will be the exact same as the present generation.  The next generation will be geared and glued to technology once they get out of the womb, so shouldn’t education be too?


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