Week of Feb 20

This was my first full week of school (even though we had Monday off due to Presidents day). On Tuesday we concluded with the World War 2 and I got to teach the last two periods of the day.

I enjoy mirror teaching with my co op because I can see what he emphasizes and how he explains ideas. Monday went well overall and no problems occurred.

Wednesday was an exciting day for me. We discussed the Holocaust which is a sensitive but interesting topic. My teacher did not shy away from showing pictures and videos of this event. I watched my teacher teach the first two periods and Cathy came and saw me do the jump starter. After you left Cathy things got interesting. My teacher became sick in between periods and took a half day. I taught the last two periods of the day and my teacher left in the middle of the first one. That period was tough to control because they saw their teacher leave and went crazy. I managed to settle them down and got through that period. The last period of the day went a lot better. I explained in the beginning of class that my co op was gone and I was the teacher and you will treat me like him.

Overall this period went really well. I was surprised that the kids didn’t goof off like the period before. I think since I got to set the “scene” and I was viewed as the teacher from the get go the transition went a lot smoother.

Thursday we went over the home front in the USA during WW2. I again mirror taught the last two periods of the day and everything went smoothly. On Friday the students had a open note quiz so that took up most of the period. I had a blast actually solo teaching on Wednesday and I learned a lot about class management I feel a lot better about being all by myself and controlling a classroom. I wish you came 8th period to see me Cathy!

Have a great weekend everybody!



what i felt like after wed



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